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 Why should I have Biba Restorations or another shop 'rebuild' my car when it might be worth 15k, yet could cost over 30k when completed?

First the pragmatic viewpoint: Let's assume you have a BMW 5 Series and bought it new. Driving it off the lot devalued it10%. It's depreciation will be around 60% in five years.

True, you can argue you need a new, reliable car to get to work, etc. and that it is a 'business expense'. Still...

Now, the emotional viewpoint: Perhaps you are somewhat older, the 'kids' are through college and you've always wanted a very nice example of a particular older European car. Should you own it, but time being what it is, perhaps you've never had the chance to have it restored or undertaken the process yourself.

If you don't own the car you want, really want, you might consider buying an already restored example. True, it is often difficult to know to what extent it was restored, how reliable it is, and finally, was it restored to Your personal specifications?

Biba Restorations won't try to tell you spending a lot more on a restoration than what a car can be bought for is practical. However, the results are definitely rewarding. You have the choice in being involved as little or much as you care.

When you receive your freshly 'minted' vehicle, it will simply be the car you've always wanted. With proper care, it might well appreciate, rather than following in the financial footsteps of that car / SUV sitting in your driveway.

Think of it as an incredible piece of functional sculpture.
What should I look for in a restoration shop?

Not...Joe's Quickie Paint & Body shop. Joe hisself says he has a friend who kin do the upholstery and this friend has a friend who kin rebuild the engine and stick some new shocks on it.

Sorry about that, but it is frustrating to see a car which has the potential of being quite wonderful and is unfortunately an amalgamation of poor workmanship and cheap materials-- merely to save a few dollars.

You should insist on a detailed estimate for both labor and materials / parts / outside services.

BR prefers (if at all possible) to have the vehicle left in the shop so it can be examined in detail. A considerably more accurate estimate can then be prepared, especially if it is a runner and / or nothing has been removed from the vehicle. We do charge a non-refundable $250 (which is deducted from the final invoice) for the extensive estimate. However, this insures a more accurate final 'tab'.

That said, we don't have x-ray vision and unfortunate surprises may crop up during the restoration process.

Biba Restorations keeps the majority of work 'in house': Primary bodywork, painting / finishing, all mechanical rebuilding, floor padding, convertible top, sound and safety system installation.

Outside services include: Extensive accident & frame repair, soda blasting (for paint removal), machining, plating / polishing, seat upholstery, dash refoaming / recovering, and tire / wheel balancing, and alignment.

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I'm trying to justify an extensive restoration, but need to know why it will be so expensive?

Biba Restorations will be happy to fax you a 12 (or so) page typical invoice from a previous project. Not all items and costs will pertain to your car.

We believe this will provide you with sufficient information to show how time & materials will be applied to your car.

Keep in mind BR uses only quality materials and outside services while providing highly professional workmanship.

What guarantee do I have?

Biba Restorations guarantees all new materials and workmanship for a year.

That said, should you live in Michigan (for instance), and plan to drive the car on salted roads in the winter, seriously time-trial, and not bother to cover the car while it sits in a rain or snow storm--we should talk.

What is the payment schedule?

Typical projects require a $2,500 deposit to cover initial costs of materials and parts for the first 30 to 45 days.

You will then be invoiced every 30 days showing items and outside services ordered, along with completed labor. Included with each invoice will be progress photos and cover letter.

In closing:

There is no smoke, there are no mirrors--only a lot of hard work and dedication can achieve what we are trying to accomplish. You are welcome to stop by during the restoration process.

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