These photos represent only a portion of the undercarriage 'story'. Missing is the removal, cleaning, primering / painting of the fuel tank and retaining straps; subsequent replacment using thick neoprene on the straps rather than the rust inducing fuzzy material originally used; the removal of the new exhaust system lacquer silver and repainting with a quality 1500 degree black paint; the replacement with custom made pins on all rotating rod parts; installation of a new front emergency brake cable along with refurbishing and installing the rear section; and rebuilding / painting of the driveshaft. A surprising time consuming project was finding and modifying the transmission mounted exhaust 'stablaiser'. Once all parts were in place, the rocking-lever silentbloc's required cutting, pressing out, and replacing with expensive replacements.

Biba Restorations feels strongly the undercarriage and related items should be clean, properly primered / painted (black), lubricated, and be mechanically functional. Attempting to make the undercarriage as precise as the rest of the car is a lesson in futility as its perfection will be greatly reduced in the first ten, let alone 100 miles of driving. (You were planning on actually driving your car weren't you?).

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