(Above) Installing the powder coated, stock, front spring using 4" SAE bolts.

(Above left) Installing the rear suspension limiter with spring compressors

One of the difficulties in trying to document a complete rebuild is what photo goes where. In this grouping there are steering, suspension, brakes, primering, and undercarriage photos.

Should you not see what you're looking for, possibly it is on one of the other pages.

While complaining about the wheel well and undercarriage filth, for the most part the suspension / steering components were in excellent condition.

Along with using 165 x 15 tires (without rolling the front inner fender edges back) the car tracked straight and true first time out and had no problems with the 'oversized' tires. Time will tell. BR, along with photos, makes a number of notes when dismantling. This included noting number of revolutions when removing the three track rods. Except for making slight adjustments to the lateral tracking rods to center the steering wheel, the suspension was left as is. The client will have the suspension settings verified after 500 to 1000 miles.

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