Biba Restorations is grateful for any company supplying parts for these increasingly rare Alfas.

Still...if a few of the molds could be tweaked a bit, life would be so much simpler for the serious restorer.

At the risk of looking at the glass half empty, BR does have some fairly serious issues regarding parts offered for the Giuliettas.

Our assumption is even if all suppliers sourced their parts directly from Italy, they were most likely from the same manufacturers.

It is also possible some of the parts did not fit this particular car for various reasons.

The steering column grommet shown below right required considerable modifications to even fit within the bracket (shown). Up to 1/2" of material was removed from the top, bottom, and sides.

All door seal edges had to be trimmed so the doors could close. The forward door seals had to be left off completely.

The gaskets in the 'kit' for the front and rear hood and trunk hinges are all identical. One is expected to 'cut to fit' the gaskets for the trunk hinges.

The trunk lock / handle / badge gasket is a 1/4" too short. One must buy two, then cut and paste. A heat gun can help, but the rubber stretches only so far.

Replacing the windshield is virtually a lesson in futility. There are four gaskets as opposed to a one piece molded affair. The long top and bottom gaskets supplied were perfectly acceptable. However, there are two versions of the side post gaskets. One must somehow know which one they require before ordering. One is (not unlike the steering column grommet) very well made but much too 'solid' to remotely fit well into the side posts - especially where it curves at the bottom. The other, while being less 'solid' can be 'somewhat' better made to follow the lower curve - using a heat gun and a fair amount of sealant and tape to hold until dry. (See Glass).

To conclude this exercise in bitching and whining, BR would nevertheless have been lost without these suppliers.

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