Apologizes for many of the iffy photos. Black is more than somewhat difficult to photograph. (However, notice how nicely rusted items show up? It's the same situation when viewing a car). The unusual lumps in the center rear of the final photo are the radiator and gas tank. While little about nothing, the bottom of the gas tank came with a black and white checker board pattern. Perhaps BR takes their restorations a little too seriously, but when asked if he wanted to preserve the checkerboard pattern the original owner had applied, BR was quite relieved to hear Joe say, "It's my car and I'd like to see it all black."

There were times it seemed like a daily occurrence to clean, epoxy primer, and paint an item (generally black). The not terribly sophisticated metal working tools next to the lower clutch / bellhousing cover symbolize work required to make a part / parts both presentable and functional before painting.

The jack with tools is somewhat confusing in that it and the head of the hammer are the only painted metal items. The other tools were cleaned, buffed, then black zinc plated. Oh yes, the handle of the hammer was gently sanded and varnished. While not metal, but certainly black, the fabric of the tool kit was thoroughly washed, then redyed.

While not trying to compare Biba Restorations to an artistic endeavor (though you certainly may if you wish), there are times when either the choice of finish just isn't working from either an aesthetic or functional standpoint. Out came the fresh radiator, the air cleaner / box, its mounting brackets, and (later) the brake fluid reservoir. The semi gloss finished radiator and air cleaner were repainted gloss black (along with refurbishing of the radiator's header tank). The brake fluid reservoir which had been out before, was painted with a two part black urethane to (hopefully) prevent peeling should the cap overflow.

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