Carpet, as delivered.

Original rear interior panel padding.

Original interior firewall padding.

The rear side panels were recovered with original type vinyl - the same as used on the front and rear padding, along with the covering on the horizontal support and the behind / under seat covering. The padding used throughout (in addition to the original 'fuzzy' material - see upper right) is of a dense gray material with a nylon string reinforced silver mylar on the underside (see middle and lower right).

Seat panels were straightened, welded & reinforced as required. Fresh webbing and foam padding was installed. Special brass retaining brackets were fabricated for the rubberized webbing.

The factory original door side panels, along with the later custom seat covers were thorougly cleaned, refurbished, and reinstalled.

By the time Biba Restorations got to the interior, a rather higher standard of finish than originally projected had been established. Using the cockpit side steering assembly as an example, some of the steps included: Polishing the steering wheel itself. Sourcing reproduction turn signal switch, horn button, and white spoke cover. After two quality chrome shops did 'the best they could' with the light flasher ring, another was sourced and chromed. The special bolts, various springs, and wiring is somewhat complex and must all be assembled not only carefully but in a very specific order (as most everything else required on the car).

A bit of an improvement overall, don't you think?

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