The item on the left is the inside of the dash header. The male press-on fasteners were heavily reinforced so as not to pull out from wind lift.


Tops are a problem even under the best of circumstances. BR chose not to install the top material but removed rust and painted most of the top mechanism. Additionally, all 18 top screws were replaced with new custom ones. Effort was made to lubricate and insure smooth movement throughout.

While Biba Restorations well understands, it is extraordinarily frustrating not to be able to strip bare so as to refinish all of the metal components - from the aspect of knowing all rust has been removed and paint has been carefully applied (even if it doesn't show). Chrome and machine shops insist all items be stripped. However, they are not required to reassemble after their work has been completed. Since an upholstery shop, just as a restoration shop, is in the business of turning over a completed product / products understandably needs to see, step-by-step, how the piece goes together.

Therefore BR only took the cleaning / painting up to the point where going further would have meant removing the glued on header and rear retainer. In this particular case as it turned out, the rear retaining piece should have been adjusted so as to fit more snugly along the contours of the upper rear panel. The front header fit and closed perfectly.

The top used in this installation is best described as adequate. The upholstery shop went to great lengths to not only remove and relocate the top's front center, but to make additional canvas pieces to minimize air / water leakage around the rear of the side windows. It is unfortunate the additional upper panels which the side glass is meant to slip under were not only positioned improperly, but were a few inches too short in the front. Minor adjustments to the pattern would alleviate all of these problems.

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