Trial fitting of the windshield chrome surround.

Biba Restorations has made many negative comments on previous pages. This one is no exception. Understand it is not meant as an 'oh woe is us' (since the 'oh woe' portion has been completed).

Do think of it as constructive remarks which either an individual contemplating a restoration or a do-it-yourselfer might well be faced.

Please read the observations under the 'Rubber' page first. The commentary below is primarily for this particular car.

New windshields are somewhat thinner and some are slightly on the green side. Rubber gaskets are made for the thicker glass. One is faced with the choice of large amounts of unsightly sealer or aesthetics and probable leakage. BR chose the latter.

It took the professional windshield installer four visits to install. Normally he is out in less than 1.5 hrs with an Alfa requiring a one-piece gasket.

One of the 'wind wings' (note: they do not open) was fairly badly scratched and was replaced. The original 'sealing' consisted of a thin rubber piece for the long vertical side and felt material for the lower side. Obviously the felt acted (as did so many choices of padding originally used on these cars) as a catalyst for rust. Thin sheets of neoprene were cut for both mounting sides of the wind wing and inserted between the glass and chromed bracket. Both a heat gun and silicone grease were instrumental in making the glass fit snugly and not attract water / rust in the future.

Ah, the side glass. Biba Restorations must make a somewhat major caveat. The right side glass was removed and carefully set aside. The same was done for the left (driver's) side. There they sat until being required near the finial stages of the restoration. After the window channel brush and upper window wipe pieces had been installed, the right side glass was installed, adjusted, and worked like a champ - both from the fit and ease of operating.

Alas, not so the left side. The left side glass was thicker, too wide, and a different shape than the right side (see lower, center, small photo). Going on the basis 'it fit before, it certainly should now' took up much wasted time. Upon giving up, BR sourced another side glass with bracket. Plan B not only wasted additional time, but BR had agreed to absorb costs should it not fit.

Plan C: The nice fitting right side glass was removed to make a pattern. The glass distributor made a pattern and a new one 1/8" narrower was made. It was unacceptable. To use a technical term - there were major whoop-do-dos on the edges.

Plan D: BR anally traced and cut a new pattern of the right side glass and made it clear what was acceptable and what wasn't. It was virtually perfect and fit considerably better. Possibly it could have been another 1/16" narrower, however tempered glass cannot be ground 'after the fact'.

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