When the Veloce was delivered in December '00, as can be seen from the photo on the left, there was no engine.

The original engine was virtually beyond tired. By chance a 'spare' engine from a group of 60's racing Elvas turned up.

While not inexpensive, it was money well spent. BR measured all important components and found the head and bearing surfaces on the crankshaft were as to original specs.

Still the engine had much higher compression pistons, a different camshaft, and a ported & polished inlet / exhaust.

How would it be on the street?

The flywheel on the right was chosen since it was somewhat less shaved.

Engine was run prior to delivery.

As it turned out, the engine is quite a powerhouse, especially for a 1300.

There remains a degree of sorting out of the carburetor's low speed characteristics.

Some oil blow-by was encountered in both the head's vent and exhaust side head gasket, as well as the exhaust manifold.

BR removed the head and had approximately .oo6" removed from the surface and went to much effort to ensure proper sealing of the head to exhaust manifold.

Additionally, a later style Alfa oil separator was 'tucked in' near the starter with a return hose to the base of the oil dipstick housing.

Other than the engine's modifications made in the 60's, only a few other's were considered necessary. A braided stainless line with metal center was fabricated to replace the vulnerable engine to oil pressure gauge flex line. A more reliable Bosch starter and distributor replaced the Lucas items.

Biba Restorations would like nothing better than to see this car driven only occasionally in '03 and to 'show' it so other's might enjoy this very special Spider. After that, simply have it enjoyed...

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