Passenger side bulb is tungsten, the bright one is a 45/40W Cibie halogen.

In spite of dire warnings from those who have been there before, Biba Restorations chose to use the majority of the original wiring loom.

Most of the wiring was in good to excellent shape; all connections had been labeled; but the main reason was this Veloce uniquely came with Lucas electrics. Should one get a Veloce or a Normale loom?

All wire ends were 'reinforced' with shrink tubing. The junctions were taped per the original. Modern rubber boots were modified to fit the fender well side wiring for the headlamps, then silicone sealed.
All components shown above are refurbished originals except one taillight rubber boot which was purchased used. The NOS taillight lenses were acquired on the Internet.

The trunk wiring 'short' loom from taillight to taillight (including the license plate lamp) was 'built from scratch'. Additionally a 'short' loom from the voltage regulator to generator was purchased along with clear wiring diagrams and considerable advice. Not shown is the windshield wiper system which was also rebuilt. Again not shown, but the tachometer and testing of the Speedometer and especially the fuel level & water & oil temp 'tripod' gauge was invaluable.

Should you wonder, yes, a later Alfa Spider's positive electrical cable from the starter to the battery fits virtually perfectly. BR chose to use a marine type battery positive connection since it incorporates a wingnut which can be quickly removed if it ever becomes necessary.

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