Should you be following the pages in order (not that you must), you will have noticed a myriad of photos on the pre-prep of the zinc plating. There is then one big lump of completed items.

For the chrome it is a matter of getting all of the items together, then documenting the parts with photos. All of the before photos have red dots by each item. No red dot meant the item was still 'out there somewhere'.

Since most of the chrome had been removed before Biba Restorations received the car, the assumption was everything had fit 'reasonably well' before. While in the end the various pieces were made to fit quite well, every piece should have been reinstalled before sending to the plater. That comment is both a reminder to BR and to any individual who is contemplating having their car restored. Please do not do us a favor by removing anything.

The headlight rims' forward edges originally stuck out 3/4" from the headlights. BR was told they were fine before. All that can be said is they weren't acceptable now. There is an incredibly long (and boring) story how this was eventually resolved. Additionally an amazing amount of bending of the support brackets for the bumpers was required. One overrider did not fit to our 'specifications' no matter what was done. To adjust, it would have been necessary to grind the lower edge and continuously trial fit. Then it would have required replating.

BR has used a quality plater for literally decades. As the parts were being readied to drop-off, we were informed they had had a major fire. Plan B. We used a highly recommended plater in the same general area. It is only fair to say, everyone comments on the quality of the chroming. However when we find, after the fact, that all mirrors are automatically broken. (Partially BR's fault, we were not sure of the type of metal on the interior mirror's housing - turn's out it is aluminum). Their assumption was it must be chromed, therefore you break the beveled glass. BR had to find another mirror for the client. Then they concentrated on polishing (before plating) the bottom portion, but not the upper end, of the gear shift lever on the assumption it was a driver's side spotlight handle.

Quite frankly after our original plater was close to being online, we sent them all of the zinc plating and also had them repolish some of the stainless items.

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