While not intending to embarrass the client, this was the filthiest car BR has ever restored. Vast quantities of cleaning solvents and pressurized water, along with tedious scraping using basic small tools eventually resulted in actually being able to uncover what lay beneath. (Mechanical archeology?)

All of the six wheel cylinders were completely refurbished or replaced along with the master cylinder. BR made the decision to have the new brake shoe linings bonded, rather than riveted. While on rare occasions bonded shoes come adrift, frequently linings which have been attached with rivets eventually resulting in grooves on the contact surface of the drums. These drums are far too rare to take that chance.

While not shown, the metal Girling Brake fluid canister has a tendency to 'overflow'. At this juncture it is not known if BR's solution is successful but the canister was removed, completely stripped, then repainted with two part paint. An additional neoprene gasket was cut and inserted into the cap of the canister. Its vent hole was off-set so that it was in the front, hopefully saving the fresh paint on the firewall from being stripped by brake fluid.

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