Grinding out chips and rust.

Bodywork / plastic filler, before final sanding and epoxy primer.

After completion of bodywork, all panels are coated with epoxy primer.

Replacement trunk lid.

The red primer is used as a guide coat.

Perhaps BR's approach to bodywork might seem somewhat casual.
Rest assured all surfaces are prepped before removal of rust. Because of the dust factor,
most bodywork and primering (which dries within minutes) is done outside.

After panels are deemed straight, a heavy coating of epoxy primer is applied to seal the 'base'.
Several additional coats of sanding primer are applied.
Between each set of coats a contrasting primer is applied and used as a guide coat.

The goal is to first insure a good base with which to apply the plastic filler.
It is then thoroughly sanded, so only the low areas have been filled, before applying the epoxy primer.
This expensive primer seals any possible incompatibilities between the base and finish materials.

Untold hours are spent hand sanding to insure not only all panels are, at the very least, as straight when new,
they line up properly, with all shut lines being even.

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