Perhaps not the correct period costume for a sixties Italian
spider, but when a pretty lady just happens to stop by...
Should you not be blessed with a high-speed Internet connection and actually looked at the entire series, our hat is off to you.

It is unlikely Biba Restorations will 'inflict' another series of "What I've been doing the past two years" photos on our visitors.

Admittedly few clients are willing to invest the time and money required to have their Alfa brought back to such a degree of mechanical and aesthetic finish.

Joe Hart, the owner, was eminently patient. It is possible during the last six (or perhaps 12) months of the restoration, he might have become somewhat concerned he'd ever see the Spider again - in his own garage.

Over the past fourteen pages, BR has been more than somewhat negative regarding the special requirements and pitfalls of restoring this 101 Spider.

As mentioned, Biba Restorations considers the Series 1 Spider the beginning of Alfa's modern era. The Series 1 along with Series 2 Spiders fall in that all too short glorious space between virtually hand-made and electronic enabled (or should it be... disabled Alfa products?).

However, there was no intention (even if possible) to discourage the owner of a Giulietta or Giulia.

We'll admit, while at times trying, Giulietta is sorely missed.



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